privacy policy

privacy policy

BEPPU PROJECT takes responsibility for protecting your privacy seriously. So we’ve developed a Privacy Policy to ensure proper use of personal information.

1. We have an information manager in each division handling personal information. We protect personal information and promote proper use of personal information by clarifying the responsibility and accountability of office staff.

2. When we collect personal information, we notify the user of its purpose and who to contact to ensure we only collect within the proper scope and purpose.

3. We do not disclose or provide the personal information we have collected to third parties without justifiable grounds, such as compliance with the laws.

4. When consigning personal information we have collected to our subcontracting agencies, we supervise the process to prevent data leaks by requiring them to execute the equivalent privacy policy as is in our contract.

5. We aim to maintain accurate and updated personal information as well as to provide reasonable safety measures to prevent information leaks or falsifications.

6. We respond reasonably to disclose or correct personal information we have collected and suspend website use when requested.

7. We will respond to complaints from users regarding our privacy policy properly and swiftly.

8. We comply with Japanese laws and legal guidelines in regard to personal information and continue to review our policy in order to improve.