Kiyoshima Apartment

Kiyoshima Apartment is a former boarding house with 22 rooms in 3 parts, built right after WWll. It has become a hub space for artists gathering from all over the country to live and create. The first floor is used for open studios/presentation rooms, and the second floor as a living space.

Often times, there are various events organized by its residents and also artists from all over the country. You can come for a tour, please make a reservation before your visit.



Open studios available.



Kiyoshima apt.

2-27 Suehiro cho

Beppu city



※ Please make inquiries for more details to NPO BEPPU PROJECT (0977-22-3560).



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“Beppu Trivia” is a website full of trivia about Beppu city, Oita prefecture. We will provide you with spot-on information that will satisfy your curiosity.

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What's the most convenient transportation in Beppu?

Although trains are the best way to get to neighbor cities in Oita prefecture, we recommend using bus to get around places within Beppu city. Please refer to the website below for the simple bus route map."
Depends on the number of times you plan to get on the bus within one day, it might be a better deal to buy “One day mini free pass" of Kamenoi bus for 900 yen.
If you happen to have a driver’s license which allows you to drive in Japan, it would also be quite convenient to rent a car.

What's the must-see places in Beppu within a brief period of stay?

The various vivid colors of hot springs at "jigoku meguri" (hell tour) are something you could only see in Beppu. If you have about half a day to spend, you could buy a 2 days pass to enter all 7 of them (2000 yen), otherwise, a single ticket will let you in to each hell separately (400 yen). Within the limited time frame, we recommend checking out the biggest hell called “Umi jigoku" (Ocean hell) in beautiful cobalt blue where you can buy various souvenirs, hell boiled eggs, and hell steamed puddings.

Can I use credit cards while shopping?

Mostly no. Although some stores such as convenience stores, a souvenir shop in Beppu station, Oita Made, and Select Beppu accept credit cards, most local stores and sightseeing facilities only accept cash. Since Beppu is a very safe city, having cash around would be the best option.
ほとんどの所では使えません。コンビニや別府駅の中にあるお土産屋、Oita Made、セレクトベップなど使えるお店もありますが、大抵の個人経営のお店や観光施設などは現金のみ受け付けています。別府はとても安全な都市なので、現金を持ち歩くのが一番です。

Do I have to be naked to experience Beppu hot springs? Are there any private ones?

Yes, hot spring facilities prohibits you to bring swimsuits, clothes, and towels into the tub. At first it might be a little intimidating, but being naked in the hot springs is one of the most authentic Japanese customs you can experience. 
If you cannot bear the idea of being naked with others, there are some "kazoku yu" (family bath) and "kashikiri yu" (private bath) where you can bathe privately either alone or with your friends and family.