About Beppu

about beppu

Beppu city is located at the heart of Oita prefecture and is proud to represent Japan's favorite hot spring resort destination with the nation's largest number of hot spring wells, the yield of hot spring water, and the qualities of hot springs. Within Beppu there are eight hot spring areas - Beppu onsen, Kamegawa onsen, Kan'nawa onsen, Kankaiji onsen, Horita onsen, Shibaseki onsen, and Myoban onsen - which make up “Beppu hattou (eight hot springs)” as a whole. There are many sightseeing facilities in Beppu hattou's main Beppu onsen area such as “Takegawara onsen”, with a gorgeous Tang gable style roof, and “Beppu Tower”, which is the third broadcasting tower built in Japan.

◎Hot Springs
Beppu ranks top both in the number of qualities and the number of hot springs in Japan. Having 87,616 litters of hot spring water pouring out every minute, it is the world’s second largest. On top of that, Beppu has every quality of hot springs out of all 11 types except for radioactive springs (for public signs registered by Hot Spring Law.)
Beppu onsen has been mentioned in literature such as “Bungo Fudoki”(records of the culture and geography of Bungo Province) and “Iyonokuni Fudoki” (records of the culture and geography of Iyo Province) written in the Nara period. It has quite a long history. Since 1873, when the seaway between Beppu and Osaka were connected, many people started to visit Beppu and made it Japan's most famous and well-known hot spring tourist site.
Beppu is located at the Northeast of Kyushu facing the Seto Inland Sea. The temperature is mild and warm. There are rarely natural disasters. This alluvial fan city is surrounded by mountains and the ocean with many slopes. It is quite scenic when hot spring steam vapors arise everywhere from the hills.
There are many hot spring related events in Beppu, such as “Beppu Hatto Hot Spring Festival” to appreciate the abundance of hot springs, “Beppu Hatto Hot Spring Exposition” with various programs focusing on the theme of “Energetic and beautiful in hot spring city.”, and “Beppu Hatto Hot Spring Club” where the members aim to become hot spring masters. Additionally, there are active cultural and art events such as “Beppu Argerich Music Festival“, “Beppu Art Month”, and “in BEPPU” - a solo show style annual art festival starting 2016.
◎Craft works
Many bamboo handicrafts, such as strainers, baskets, and boxwood crafts such as combs became quite popular as necessities for “touji life”(long-term stay at hotels with hot springs for healing purposes) and still continue to be produced to this day. Beppu bamboo handicrafts that developed as craft works are designated as the national traditional crafts.


◎Access by airplane

The nearest airport is “Oita Airport” while “Fukuoka Airport” and “Kitakyushu Airport” are also accessible.

From Tokyo
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
JAL http://www.jal.co.jp/en/
ANA http://www.ana.co.jp/asw/index.jsp?type=de

From Nagoya
Chubu Centrair International Airport
ANA http://www.ana.co.jp/asw/index.jsp?type=de

From Osaka
Osaka International Airport (Itami)
JAL http://www.jal.co.jp/en/
ANA http://www.ana.co.jp/asw/index.jsp?type=de

◎Transportation from Oita Airport

Airport limited bus “Airliner”

From Oita Airport to downtown Beppu area (about an hour)
Fare: oneway 1 adult 1,450 yen/ roundtrip 2,500 yen


◎Rantal car

From Oita Airport to downtown Beppu area (about an hour)

Toyota Rent-A-Car https://rent.toyota.co.jp/eng/
Nippon Rent-A-Car https://www.nrgroup-global.com/en/
Times Rent-A-Car http://www.timescar-rental.com/
Nissan Rent-A-Car https://nissan-rentacar.com/english/guide/
Budget Rent-A-Car http://www.budgetrentacar.co.jp/en/
ORIX Rent-A-Car http://car.orix.co.jp/eng/
Oita Rent-A-Car http://www.oitarenta.com/

◎Transportation from Fukuoka Airport

[Expressway bus]

From Fukuoka Airport international terminal to downtown Beppu (about 2 hours)
Fare: 1 adult 3,100 yen/ roundtrip 5,500 yen


◎Transportation from Kitakyushu Airport

[Airport bus]

From Kitakyushu Airport to JR Kokura station


◎Access by JR

The nearest station is Beppu station by JR Nippo Main Line.

From Hakata station - JR Nippo Main Line Limited Express Sonic (about less than 2 hours)
From Kokura station - JR Nippo Main Line Limited Express Sonic (about an hour and 10 minutes)
From Kumamoto station - JR Hohi Main Line Trans-Kyushu Limited Express (about 3 hours)
From Miyazaki station - JR Nippo Main Line Limited Express Nichirin (about 3 hours)

[Limited Express Sonic]

From JR Kokura station to Beppu station


JR Kyushu http://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/train/

◎Access by ferry

The nearest port is “Beppu International Port” where ferries arrive from Osaka/Shikoku. From “Beppu International Port” to downtown Beppu is about 10 minutes by car.

From Osaka
Ferry Sunflower Limited (Kansai Kisen) http://www.ferry-sunflower.co.jp/en/route/osaka-beppu/time/index.html

From Yahatahama/Misaki
Uwajima Unyu Ferries http://www.uwajimaunyu.co.jp/

Kokudo Kyushi Ferry http://www.koku94.jp/

◎Access by car

The nearest expressway interchange is “Oita Expressway/Beppu IC”. From Beppu IC to downtown Beppu is about 20 minutes by car.

West Nippon Expressway http://www.w-nexco.co.jp/

◎Beppu city local bus

Beppu city bus route search (beppuni) http://www.beppuni.com/
Kamenoi bus (local・regular tourist bus) http://www.kamenoibus.com/
Oita Transportation (local・regular tourist bus) http://www.oitakotsu.co.jp/